SF Weekly Music Awards Nominees
Guerrilla Hi-Fi
. . .it's surprising that San Francisco doesn't have more live groups delivering the hazy, bass-heavy sounds of dub. Guerilla Hi-Fi looks to change that with its jazzy, exploratory excursions into the genre. . . dedicated to bringing spacious and spacey grooves to life. The eight-piece collective boasts a three-piece horn section and two drummers, and features live mixing effects to give the group's sound the kind of authentic vibe that dub maestros the Scientist and the Mad Professor bring to their reverb-heavy concert odysseys with their respective bands.

SF Gate
In the case of Guerilla Hi-Fi's debut show at the Elbo Room last Saturday night, sometimes what you see is not what you get. Close your eyes and you'd swear you were catching a Jamaican dub band sometime in the early '70s, but look up onstage and it's a tightly packed group of bespectacled white guys, most of them known players in the weirdo improv scene.

KTUH New Music Top 10
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7. "Echo Springs," Guerilla Hi-Fi
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