The Musicians

Jacob Elijah Aginsky played organ on Yabby Loop (his favorite) Red Star Special, Transport, Heavy Heavy and is a huge fan of the Hi-Fi. He tours w/ Mingus Amungus, Subnautic, DJ Quest, Foxgluv, Bop City, Gretchen Lieberum, Lhasa de Sela . . .

Balboa Becker co-wrote and played trombone on Yabby Loop and Santa Cruz. He played on DJ Zeph's records. Now he plays with Dubwize, Mikey Dread and Sister Carol.

Aaron Bennett plays clarinet, saxophones, flute and drinking straws. He plays in Marco Eneidi's American Jungle Orchestra, Ismael Wadada Leo Smiths N'da Kulture, The Quiet Storm Allstars, The Anxious Taper Hogs, Moe!, The Scott Looney Quintet, Full Throttle and leads The Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestra and Go Go Fightmaster.

Myles Boisen operates Guerrilla Recording in Oakland. He is rightly proud of his microphone collection. His ears are even better. For 20 years he has recorded rich, natural sounds. Although best known for his guitar playing, he plays bass in the live version of Guerrilla Hi-Fi. He tracked all the tunes and mixed a bunch. Some recordings are Fred Frith Digital Wildlife, Splatter Trio Hi-Fi Junk Note and his own blues cd Past -Present-Future which is reviewed at

Marc Bolin played tuba on Hill and Gully. His tuba and bass trombone stylings can be heard with The United Brassworkers Front and Joseph's Bones.

Jeff Chan played the tenor solo on This is Deafening Version. At the beginning he says, "could I have a little bit less headphones, it's deafening." He thought it was a sound check. Jeff has two fine cd's on the Asian Improv label.

Paul Conti played drums on Jeep Shaker. He played with Devil Eye Brown, The Beenweevils and Budderball.

Eli Crews played upright bass on Transport. He plays electric bass with Beulah, The Roofies and lots of other groups. He operates New Improved Recording. 2" 24track.

Gavin DiStasi played trumpet and wrote one of the horn lines on Red Star Special. He plays with Mingus Amungus and Don Carlos.

Smith Dobson,jr. played a lot of drums. Rite, Sirocco, I'm Only human and Hill and Gully. He's good with the old time style. He played washboard on Blue Hour and Vibes on Object and Transport. He also plays tenor saxophone. Check Jettison Slinky, Graham Connah's Sour Note Seven, Smith Dobson jr. Band

John Finkbeiner is a multi-instrumentalist. Particularly the bass, drinking straw, guitar and saxophone. It's easy to make music with John. He makes up stuff on the spot. He wrote at least half the music and played on all of it. Now he operates New Improved Recording.

Eithen Fletcher runs the soundboard. He wrote some of the songs and plays some bass on the records. He learned a lot from Myles. He built the sign and stuck it in the field for the cover of Echo Springs.

Wadi Gad played drums on Red Star Special, Yabby Loop and Fornicator's Delight. He formed the percussion dream team with Manas on Jeep Shaker, Heavy Heavy, Fornicator's Delight, Santa Cruz and Manas Object. One weekend at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, his band backed Linval Thompson, Junior Murvin, Bernard Collins, The Abyssinians and The Ethiopians. In addition he writes and sings his own music.

John Hanes plays drums. For 25 years he has performed and recorded with countless bay area groups. Chrome, Romeo Void, Henry Kaiser......He's real solid. Check Transport, Object, and Obstinate Theme. He also fronted Engorged With Blood. He now plays w/ Myles Boisen’s Past, Present , Future, and John Schott’s Dream Kitchen.

Henry Hung plays trumpet on all the songs not otherwise noted. He also wrote the second horn line to Santa Cruz. Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra with Steve Lacy, Orchestra Kalichin, Boostamonte

Manas Itiene. Ask a drummer about Manas Object. It's serious. He plays drums for Spearhead now. See also percussion dream team under Wadi Gad.

Darren Johnston did a lot of playing on tracks that didn't get released on Echo Springs. He played our first show at The Elbo Room. Thanks. His group is the United Brassworkers Front.

Scott Larson plays trombone with a solid tone. Forceful, with a little bit of bite at the top. He does a lot of orchestrating. Quick like. His solos work good with the echo box. He wrote one of the horn lines on Red Star Special and contributed melodies to Yabby Loop and Obstinate Theme. His stellar plunger-work can be heard in the Marcus Shelby band. Also check his trio recording and The Lucky Seven.

Jeremy Mage played organ on Rite, Sirocco and Blue Hour. He moved to New York right after that. We lost contact and spelled his name wrong on the record cover. Sorry again. Now he plays with The Easy Star All Stars. Check out his original music @

Gino Robair played drums on Blue Hour, percussion on Red Star Special, Transport and Yabby Loop and melodica on Object. He plays and records improvised music with lots of people and owns Rastascan Records. He writes for and edits Electronic Musician magazine.

Jay Sanders is best known for his trumpet playing. Fun Sundays at Dylan's. Also Transport (horn mix). John talked him into playing organ. Turns out he's real good at it.

Seth Ford Young composed and played upright bass on Sirocco. He also spent a lot of time studying the vocal to I'm Only Human. The original was created by running an Ink Spots 78 rpm through the echo box.

DJ Zeph played turntable on Transport and Jeep Shaker. He had a hand in Santa Cruz as well. He has good records out and knows a lot about drum sounds and funk.

And thanks to:

Garth Steel Klippert who played organ & bari sax on the Echo Springs sessions. His CD is called Suisol and his music can be heard @

Chuck Walker who played on the redevelopment sessions. Now Chuck plays guitar, bass, keyboard, & shortwave radio w/ Teamscrub.